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negative people


There are people around us who are adept at projecting negative attitudes through their words. They do this to help preserve their status-quo and to bring those who are positive to their senses, snatching them into their dark reality.

This is a form of toxic pollution because once words are uttered they can never be taken back. Their trace lingers in the environment as a potential self-fulfilling prophesy. 


negative silence


The perpetrators of such contamination are weak and easily overwhelmed. They profess to be realistic, but actually they are locked in the grip of depression and delusion, and unable to deal with an escalation in their own stress levels.

They live on the surface of a dark pond infested with the abuse and cruelty they have lived through; a stark darkness, which they bitterly resent and yet are impotent to change. They are unconsciously envious of the bright naturalness of others, so skilfully utilize words to darken them, to make them the same so they do not feel so alone.




Words are ten-a-penny explosives tossed into the open by the damaged to damage others.

Walk far away from them to shelter in the bright light of the positive truth.



180 degree turn

Priestess Pamela

Retreat with Relics

Any ordinary family house in the city suburbs that it is presided over by a Spiritual Master takes on a new quietness, a holy stillness, a synthetic sacredness. It must become an exclusive and open channel for Her or His Holiness.

It is no longer a domestic niche for family and status: door lentils for measuring growth, carpets for wearing out, furniture for rearranging, beds to replace cots or wallpaper to be replaced to match recent trends. And it is not for her or his disciples to put down roots there as was intended, for their roots are already set in the Beloved who resides in paradise. They are pilgrims you see, and their residence, wherever it is, is a tent. They barely graze its structure.

It is not safe now for precious Masters to be outside the crowded tower blocks and urban sprawl. Gone are the days when they could retreat for years into dark caves or dusty desert palaces with their exquisite mosaics and cool inner courtyards. In fact, recently the drought has been so severe that they might combust at any time if they did! It is the Beloved’s will that we respond to his anger expressed in the world with only a deepening of our prayers and a cherishing of our Master here in the broken city.

Sunrise among the cement and glass towers and the spaces between them takes some getting used to after such baked palaces and gädam, shrines.  The Beloved One is testing us more and more radically so that the severity of our environment becomes irrelevant to our devotion to Him.  The storms and hurricanes, the torrential rain and flooding, the fierce forest fires and earthquakes, the drought and air pollution are staged exactly to make us stronger in our trust in Him.

We must retreat from this daily declining world in order to purify and to climb higher and higher to make the perfect union with Him possible.  But after our morning prayers and drawing of the first water before dawn, we cannot resist running to peep round the lace at his His exquisite light pouring between the tower blocks so that it may shine on us and He will notice us.

It was sad when the present cataclysmic conditions of this human world forced us to leave our own desert shrine built around all Almu’s, our Master’s, ancestors’ graves for the last timeThe pilgrim caravan at the height of Ramadan was the perfect test! Ah, how wise our Almu is and how wide open is her channel to The Beloved One.

I must continue forever to vividly see the white minarets and flat roofs of that small community shimmering on the swaying horizon. It was like a beautiful date confectionary carefully wrapped in trembling palm arms above the oasis. This vision is and should always be an important part of my devotions: going back again and again to such miraculous luminous moments in my mind which surely can only be brought about by the King, the absolute perfection of the Beloved One. Such a paradise could only be made possible from His goodness!

The complex procedures and rituals for de-enshrining the relics and ancient treasures took time and the entire dedication of all our small isolated community there.  Then packing them on the camel troop needed expert and ancient desert techniques. But when we were all ready, swathed in our black hijab revealing only our eyes to the sky, then came the real test.  How could we equally swathe our tiny Master, Almu, extract her and lift her inside the tented seat available only to those who are already in a paradise capsule here in this low existence? But she was so strong, bidding a prophet’s farewell to her family and devotees.

‘arak fi aljana!    See you in paradise!’

It would be the last time in this suffering life to see them because of His anger at the proliferation of evil in the world.

Then thanks be to God, we completed the 3-day crossing to the city boundary, eating little except figs and palm nuts and sipping at perfumed leather water flasks after sunset.  We dared not stop, the swaying creatures below us somehow knowing the great significance of their mission.  And we……..well, we moved between the slit-mirages of heaven and earth with a longing to be held in Your strong arms again and again, O Beloved.

Now, there is no more time to spare for these devotions of a lowly mortal! The Master must be fed and I must go on typing her sacred words into letters and scriptures to leave behind to guide all remaining beings to paradise.

Today, I have given instructions for everyone to cover their noses and mouths with white masks even inside our rooms because of the dust driven into the city by violent sandstorms from the east. But this is no real hardship as our mouths are covered anyway, covered for You Beloved. And in these troubled days, the monastic rules are bent exceptionally to allow us to use a little money to buy cheap sunglasses to shield our eyes.  So, we must work even harder to keep His Divine light bright!  Ingenious tests, if we pass them, are surely leading us closer and closer to Heaven.







This is an expert from my latest novel ‘180 Degree Turn’ (working version). 

The story concerns the plight of developed peoples as the Earth rapidly approaches death.  In order to survive, there is no option but to accept the advice of tribal peoples, the original custodians of the Earth. This requires that all inhabitants make a choice to undergo training as custodians of the Earth or to follow their own reality and beliefs in gods and buddhas, in substances and other fictional deities. The whole of humanity must be turned to look inwards instead of outwards, where they will find their True Nature. 180 Degree Turn

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Go up to the Sky and down to the Earth to reveal your spirit. 

Sideways movement is meaningless: – status, wealth, knowledge – are finite commodities, entanglements. They are red herrings to our divine purpose in living in flesh.

Humans can evolve physically no further. This is the zenith of our humanness; we are the supreme animal, beautiful, proud, capable. So, now it’s up to us to recognize and come to know our consciousness as our essence which is composed of Divine Love and Light. 

Even the Planet Earth provides the grounding of gravity to keep us here-and-now.

In fact, the conditions are perfect for our perfection, so what is holding us back? We persist in being distracted by materials, by the dead past and the delusional future, continuing to deeply sleep in an intoxication.

Animals and plants and phenomena are their essence, no questions asked – they embody their spirit.  But we humans have to remember to embody it, to revolve it and see all its facets, to accept it entirely so we can live it. We have forgotten.  We are a process which is continually interrupted.

We are heavily hypnotized by the divisions and the differences – culture, creed, colour, gender, class, you, me  – but these are all imaginary barriers thrown up by society and so-called ‘civilization.’   They are simply utilities to enable order and progress! They have no single connection with the majesty of our individual souls or spirits.

You are a natural alchemist!

No ‘knowing’ is required. 

Just be now-and-here in every man-made moment held tenderly by Earth’s gravitational glove.

Focus on your Third Eye (Pineal Gland) located between your eyebrows to amalgamate the dreams and reality, and to dissolve all barriers.

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Transformation into Light, Colours of India, female dancers, Caribbean Flamingos standing in a pond Geometry, Pattern with alchemy symbols, Reality of Soul Geometry

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Navajo Creation Legend


The gods took the cloud of dust and light and created the Earth and the celestial bodies. They reorganized the light to shine in the 4 cardinal directions: dawn light shone in the East; blue twilight shone in the South; yellow evening twilight shone in the West; and darkness in the North.




The 4 wind spirits became the guardians of each direction. Then the Earth was carefully endowed with everything beneficial to surface humans ready for their appearance.

When everything was finished, the spirits of Father Sky and Mother Earth entered into 2 physical bodies equipped to live out the existence of the gods in the world of form, and the 4 wind spirits became their breath. Thus they breathed their first breath of human life.



Then Father of the Upper Darkness created a union with Mother Nature to prepare for the coming of the surface people later. Mother spoke the essence of her being within the cardinal directions proclaiming that their direction would come from the East, dawn; their sustenance would come from the South, blue twilight; the gathering of their families would come from the West, yellow evening twilight; and their rest and reverence for all creation would come from the North, darkness.



This is how they live to this very day. Their lives are a perpetually moving wheel of harmony lubricated with love and respect.



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religion is merely a step

You may be repulsed or wary of religion and those who subscribe to it. And deep down that may trouble you, may make you feel you are not ‘religious,’ or lacking in some way.

But know that the urge to honour and respect the unknown and the mystical was the spark that ignited civilization long before religion became formalized and took a hold.

Know that once the gods walked among us and that we each have the potential that if realized will ignite our innate divinity.

Uncovering your individual True Nature and your faith in yourself is the key to your absolute happiness and so the happiness of those around you.  It is also the catalyst to revealing your real mission in the visible and the invisible worlds.

Awe and a sense of wonder are part of our makeup as humans, but there are dangers of becoming attached and indoctrinated, and no longer listening to our own voice if we abdicate to a teaching or guru wholesale.


Religious belief or practice is a mere stepping stone to take us to the other shore of full awareness

We have become separate from our divine origin because of the dominant power of the intellectual mind. 

Remember, the fingers pointing at a beautiful Moon are not the Moon itself.

You are the Moon so wax and wane freely without a single thought!

beautiful images courtesy of Mariko Kinoshita and Religious Symbols on Black -,Fighting -,Feet -,Tree Silhouette and the Moon -

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    6th Point of Atisha’s 7 Point Mind Training

    1. Preliminaries

    a) You are truth

    b) Mind is Barrier

    c) No-mind is the Door

    2. Think that all phenomena are like Dreams

    3. Examine the Nature of Unborn Awareness

    4. Let the Remedy itself go free on its own

    5. Settle in the Nature of basic Cognition, the essence. Relax. Do nothing.

    Above are the first 5 points covered in previous daily posts. Read them calmly and swallow them into your unconscious mind. It is of no matter if you cannot ‘recall’ them or feel you ‘understand’ them completely: ‘recall’ and ‘understanding’ are functions of Mind and as we can see above, Mind is Barrier. Instead, just inhale the fragrance of them.

    If you would like to see all the points in one article, then you can read Atisha’s training and my response (not commentary) at; and…-it-for-yourself/




    Point 6. Between Sessions consider Phenomena as Phantoms.

    Phenomena which we ‘perceive’ are displaying on a continuous film loop. They are not real. They and so we are the elements of dreams: They and we are ‘hungry ghosts.’ Therefore, the visual life we become entrenched or even imprisoned in, is a distraction from reality, a trick of Mind.

    Our awareness, our universal consciousness, our True Nature is the only reality. It is eternal and boundless. It is pure energy flowing where it is needed.




    If we are awake and aware, then moving into the vast field of awareness becomes our habitual state. We crave direct contact with reality and our True Nature all the time: we have become tired of watching the screen.

    So, eventually, when the worldly film starts to roll again it is strangely unsatisfying. We long to move back to our spectacular state of awareness. At this point, we can easily notice how life is populated by phantoms who are locked in sleep or an intoxicated state.




    This is how we can become fully integrated and amalgamated with the Universe. Buddha referred to it as ‘making bonds with the universe.’ There is no separation for fully aware energies flowing freely in the boundless field following the fragrance of our divine origins.

    Indigenous peoples living in their traditional lives are fully integrated. They do not know what films are or why they are needed. They are the true custodians of the Earth contributing all their attention to preserving the natural world and working in partnership with the universe. They are evolving through the visual field, but in love with moving on to the next stage, the glories of Death.





    images courtesy of and Mariko Kinoshita:

    Abstract Acrylic on Hardboard –; Hungry Ghosts in Thai Temple –; Man and Nature Illustration –; Integration Technology with Nature, sky –

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    Soul Management: Atisha’s 3rd Point (7 Points of Mind Training)

    Point 1: the 3 Preliminaries

    a) You are Truth  (

    b) Mind is Barrier (

    c) No-mind is the Door (

    Point 2: Think that all phenomena are like dreams (

    Those are Atisha’s Points so far. Keep these gems close to your heart not in your memory like knowledge! Feel the effect they have as you read them once more.



    Point 3: Examine the Nature of Unborn Awareness

    You have experienced going beyond subject and object now. Now you know there is more to existence than just knowledge and thoughts. You have a tiny glimpse of your higher mind, your consciousness, your full awareness – an unaccustomed feeling of awe, of the unknown perhaps.

    Your awareness is a crystal mirror, so look deeply into it pushing yourself to be as aware as possible, and you will speed away from any habitual thinking or reacting.




    Smile widely as you realise that you have never been born and you will never die: these were just scenes from the film loop you thought were reality. You have been tricked!

    This is your unborn consciousness. It has always existed. It will always exist. It is eternal. It is timeless.



    You have been living a dream until this moment. You have incarcerated yourself in a nightmare of your own volition.

    Now you can be free of all suffering, all shame and lust, all expectations and fears, and much more.

    Now you can embody your beautiful consciousness and let your divinity shine!

    Just walk into it naturally. This is your True Nature.

    images courtesy of and Mariko Kinoshita.

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