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Trust in human beings

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When did we stop trusting in human beings and drop to our knees to defer to gods, buddhas, social media and so-called greater powers?

Why do we defer to apparitions, to fictional and romanticised beings that do not resemble human beings, when we are and are surrounded by real, pulsing beings endowed with a divine mission? 

It is time to focus ourselves on ourselves and those around us Now and Here!  We are constantly distracted from that because we are habitually seeking outside for solutions to our suffering.

WE have all the solutions right now if we only look and listen!

Indigenous peoples do not worship or seek benefits from remote fictional entities!  They revere their ancestors – the humans who first appeared in human form and made life on Earth possible, to whom they are always close even though their human term is ended.






It is not a question of beliefs!  Beliefs are dead redundant things hoarded by deluded minds when compared with living breathing trust and reverence!   

Instead of running to keep up with everything out there and feeling left behind if we fail to, just stand still and listen.  Out there is simply ‘noise’ which the intellectual mind has attributed meaning to!!  In here is reality and the glories of the indomitable human spirit.

You see, we actually are the gods and buddhas we search for in vain! And we’ve been here all the time and will always be here!





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Episode 9 – Death and the Djang

Episode 10, the last of my introduction! Then we’ll really get down to business to unearth your True Nature!

Episode 8: Visionaries Incognito

Join me in building this book episode by episode to help reveal your True Nature. Tomorrow Episode 9, Death and the Djang!







wisdom is the untarnished mirror view

it is unconditional, unbridled,

it is the encountering of our true nature

looking sincerely into such a mirror one sees the bodhisattva,

the divine being

the pure





images courtesy of megapixyl, Mariko Kinoshita and Linden Thorp


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The 9 Breaths: Breath 8

This 9 breaths series of Shiva is a must for meditation! It is the inspiration of Buddha’s enlightenment!

Nirvana Linden

3 questions?

1. Why is Breath 7 only for sleep time?

2. What is Prāna?

3. Can we really wake up from the long sleep of death?


1. This is a special practice which is most effective if done while you are waiting for sleep to come. This is perhaps the most powerful moment of the day – as you prepare to die. Each sleep is a small death from which we are reborn. As you prepare to fall into sleep, your eyes automatically gravitate towards your Third Eye, the power centre between your eyebrows. If you follow these instructions, you can become not only Master of your Dreams but also Master of Death!

2. We breathe in Air which is, as Science tells us, composed of the vital gases we need to survive on Planet Earth. But it also contains an element of…

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Shiva’s Mind-Turning Techniques


Shiva, the supreme Indian God of Hinduism, is known as “the transformer.” He is formless, limitless and the primal soul (Skt: atman), known as the god of dance, yoga, meditation and the arts generally. He has many aspects: storm, warrior, fire, some fierce, others tranquil and benevolent.

He predates Buddha who utilized some of Shiva’s existing techniques. The most significant one he used himself in order to become enlightened sitting under the Bodhi Tree 2600 years ago – perhaps the ultimate transformation.



Shiva’s techniques, unlike the Buddha’s adaptations, are fiercely non-intellectual, so they are ideal for moving the mind from the future and the past right into the centre of the present. Shiva said ‘yes’ while Buddha said ‘no.’

By focusing on Shiva’s simple techniques the mind turns. You will be able to witness that yourself. There is no content and therefore no desire, for it is desire that distracts us away from the ‘now’ and ‘here’ to the ‘then’ and ‘there.’




Shiva taught the Tantra of Breathing. ‘Tantra’ internalizes what already is, whereas ‘Yoga’ systematizes it, changing it outwardly. There is no system or model in Shiva’s techniques. Tantra brings us to an awareness of life and of death in a subtle way; Yoga is gross by comparison.



The seed of Shiva’s Breathing is that each outgoing/down-going breath is death, while each incoming/upcoming breath is rebirth.

Breath is circular not two parallel lines which never meet; one circle is one breath.

Play with the idea of the beautiful endless circle of such breath and you will touch the depths of your body and at the same time the universe. As a by-product you be in the absolute centre of ‘now’ and ‘here’ – the seat of Truth.



Images courtesy of and Linden Thorp

Today, Shiva’s 9 Breaths, an on-going series of posts began on Nirvana Linden’s page. Please join me tomorrow for Breath 1 making sure to read the introduction too at to get the full benefit.


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Out of Sight!


We cannot know what is out of sight, what is invisible, with our intellect! How often do we say the phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind?’ This breeds fear and clinging to what (we think) we ‘know.’

A child of the developed world cries when its parent leaves the room or covers its eyes with a blanket.  It truly believes that their source of food and love has been removed, forever.  Humans are conditioned to incarcerate themselves with their feet firmly in the visible, in the realm of evidence and proof, in measuring and assessing, slashing their way through the jungles of scrutiny and speculation. But this is all pointless and absurd.

There is so much more if we choose not to incarcerate ourselves.

The most important thing of all to build into our choices of how to be in human life is that our insides and our outsides are congruent, are harmonized, are mirror reflections of each other.  Most of the time, others cannot see inside us: they only have the presenting visible form to relate to.  All external changes come from inside, and not the reverse contrary to popular belief.

We have to create the inner revolution: we cannot be passive or else we may be deluded by some imagining or fancy. We have to actually uncover our true undistorted nature for ourselves and then live it! Then and only then there will be complete balanced congruence, and inside and outside become One. There will no longer be 2.

A Buddha, a Mahavir, a Jesus, a Mohammed are enlightened, are liberated.  We can see and admire the proof in their beautiful posture, their glow, the bright light of their gentle and compassionate power.  This ‘appearance’ is only possible after inner resolution.  They are not transformed from outside.

This seeming ‘magic’ is only possible if you choose inner revolution. Then you can live in complete honesty, and like the human models, you will relate to everyone and everything you encounter equally free of conditions.

Your personal inner revolution, created by uncovering your True Divine Nature, is the only way to create the outer revolution of universal compassion. 

images courtesy of, Linden Thorp and Mariko Kinoshita

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Live your Truth.


Before anything, as a preliminary, know that you are the truth. There is no need to search high and low for it. It is not outside to be apprehended with the physical senses. It is not of the mind in any shape or form.



These riches within are your Truth.

So, without any more deliberation, live exactly what you are with every borrowed breath.

Your truth will ignite your awareness so that you sing, dance and express your unique joy and beauty with every flicker of your eyelashes.



images courtesy of and Mariko Kinoshita.

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Buddha Mind and sound

Sound is here and now forever!

Nirvana Linden

When Bodhi mind, treasure mind, is activated, and you are immersed in the well-being of all sentient beings while casting your own aside, even a broken bell can be made to ring. It is said that even birds in flight will stop and rest their wings on hearing the resonance of such a bell. 

The Bodhi mind is a state of mind in which the spirit is fully awake, fully aware of the impermanence of all things. It is a state of mind in which we can unlock ourselves from the prison of delusive passions, compulsions and cravings. It is our true nature.

The sound of the ancient syllables of a mantra or prayer can fill our being to the top. We need nothing else, no thoughts or worries or self-generated sounds. This sensation is comparable to letting the power of a piece of music, which…

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