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Soul Management: Lock up the archives!





Your are a camera. You are a compulsive archivist.

See it. Save it as proof. Classify it. Validate it.

But there are other ways to use your miraculous

powers as a being of light ……..

You can create a sacred space with it which is

pure and exclusively positive.

It is a scared mandala of reality

suffused with goodness and light

in which there are no beginnings and

no ends.

A fear may grip you round the throat.

A regret may pull you down and sap

your energy.

Loss may haunt and cause you to lose

part of yourself along with it.

You madly snap pictures of these unbidden

images and feelings, then file them away

in the dusty stacks of your archives

to look up later and dwell on.

But if you put away your camera

and lock up the archives,

you will be able to activate your

sacred mandala of reality.

Then the image of fear appears

momentarily and transforms

into a beautiful rose.

The regret threatens to undermine you

but suddenly turns into a glorious orchid.

The dread of loss which can paralyse and

pinch you explodes into jungle grasses

and glossy tropical leaves dotted with red buds.

All that is negative is blown into a canopy

of gleaming blossoms which fall gently

at your feet.

The negative is like air pollution waiting

to contaminate you, to flood in through

your various lenses and filters to be

captured on celluloid. So, put the camera

of your mind away,

see it as a tool to be used occasionally,

and step into your sacred mandala

so that you can live in this world

according to your true nature.



Images: Heart care – ‘Mandala’ by Mariko Kinoshita ‘Buddha in Meditation’ –



Soul Management: goodness




Materials, possessions, appropriations,

membership, rivals, ambition, boundaries,

nationalisms, differences………….

These are ulterior motives, ulterior agendas.

They are the bywords of life in the world of

form which are repeated internally,

consciously or allowed to drone away

in the unconscious. They are built into our

conditioning and education

but they are a fabrication,

a conspiratorial dream we are forced

to participate in if we want to find human success,

respect and approval from our social witnesses.



700 years ago a small group of Christian

mystics moved around Europe defying

the dominant Church of Rome and living

out the opposites of these bywords

in their lives. They had no church,

no fabric to ostentatiously display

their faith or liturgies with. Instead,

they found secluded meeting places

in mountain passes and forests to

listen to those where were ready

to receive their final blessings.

They had no possessions,

needing little to live simply,

and their only byword was ‘understanding.’

They served others tirelessly and silently

with unconditional love and compassion

as they worked behind the scenes of the

greatest religious dictatorship of all time.

They epitomized goodness and healing

in every breath and so were known as

the Good People, Les Bonnes,’ and

the Perfect, ‘Les Parfaits.’


Goodness in human form feels no shame or fear.

It is the eternal witness in the fusion of the

visible and the invisible.

The Good believed that as humans are the world

and the way, they will change themselves.

And we can and must!

By living according to our true nature,

always honest with ourselves and all others.



Images courtesy of

Heart Care –; Man vs Nature: Compassion –; Pyrenees –; Statue of Mourning Woman –


Soul Management: the Djang

We are born from the body of our mother,

we grow steadily, get old and then we die.  

This is the natural way for all things in the

material world. This is the nature of all materials

– they appear and they disappear.

Death is a terrifying thought for most of us

because we become so attached to the material

world.  We spend all our energy identifying with

everything that is visible,

holding on to it literally for dear life

We know we are going to age and die

but we desperately struggle against losing

such a precious thing as human life.  

This is the modern materialistic life,

addicted to everything visible,

everything possessable;

obsessed with status, reputation and wealth. 

We have turned our backs on the universe,

plundering and raping the planet without a care.

We have stopped listening because our eyes have

become so big and greedy and we are deluded that

the visual field is where we can find the only truth!

On the other hand, indigenous peoples,

the true people of the Earth, 

listen deeply to the universe and

the Great Mother Nature.

They spend their every moment taking care

of the precious planet and especially of their

totem group which they are born into.

They are the true and only custodians of

the planet; the only ones who really have wisdom

and direct contact with all that is

visible and invisible.

Like us, they also are born and they die,

but they live their lives longing for that death,

longing for the glorious moment when their spirit

is released from the limited suffering physical and

finite body, which is vulnerable to disease

and decay,

sustained only by food and water.

Because of this deep knowing about their

divine origins, they live their lives

without fears or attachments.

They trust entirely in the universe to

provide for all their needs,

just-knowing that they will always

have enough to complete their

particular human mission. 

The moment of release from the body 

is called the Djang, 

portrayed in a native painting above.

It is the glorious culmination of each tribal life

lived as a custodian of the Earth

and it is celebrated by a 12 day lead-up of

burial ceremonies,

feasting and dancing, and esoteric rituals.  

Each custodian of the Earth knows that after

their body has lost its usefulness the spirit

held within it will rise into the sky and there

amongst the stars go on traveling to other

dimensions to learn other lessons.

They unconditionally accept that their

appearance in human form

is just one part of their spiritual evolution.

We ‘developed’ people have so much to learn

from these ancient custodians of

the Great Truth.

Images from

Heart care –; Dandelion –; Germinating Seed Macro –;

The Djang – unknown aboriginal artist; source unknown

Human animals at our peak, but…..

Science tells us that the human species is at its 

peak physically;

it is a fact that we have evolved to our optimum level….

…but our spiritual evolution is badly retarded because

we have turned our backs on the natural world,

our animal origins,

and replaced it with a synthetic reality,

using only 10 % of our potential……

….that we have arrogantly turned away from

the embodiment of love and light,

from Christian ‘grace,’ or Buddhist ‘emptiness,’

or Hindu ‘moksha,‘ and countless other versions

of all that is good and enlightened…..

….and that instead we invest all our energy

in the visible, the intellectual, in consumerism,

wasting our precious human life on shopping,

possessing, status and reputation,

and other meaningless pursuits……

in being separate!

All we need to do is take a moment to be grateful.

To feel the privilege of every invisible breath we

borrow from the benevolent universe. Feel the

masterpiece of each of our invisible cells which

are designed to keep us firmly in the gravitational

field, the vast invisible field

of human love and light

Our sole purpose is to love and be loved,

and to keep our sacred and original flame alight.

We must not turn away from our real mission. 

True happiness and peace is only to be found in

embracing the visible and the invisible as one.

Thank you for beautiful Images:

Heart care –

Moon reach –

Pendulum –

Mother and Baby Macaque –

Soul Management: just be!

Spend moments during the day ahead

remembering that you are a

crucial brushstroke

in the masterpiece of all life.

Only you can do what you do, be as you be,

smile as you smile,

breathe borrowed breath in the way that

your unique body breathes it.

Only you can embody the pure unconditional

energy of love the way you do.

So, be fully, now and here, eternally.

images courtesy of
1. Heart care –
2. Colourful Bhutanese art of Tibetan dragon painting –
3. Elephant’s Love –

Soul Management: Blueprint

Each human being makes their own unique view

of the world according to their own energy and

environment.  Add to this our inheritance from

ancestors combined with earlier versions of culture

and evolution in which they lived and we have

a blueprint we are born into human life with.  

We are born into a family with a history and a

certain energy or set of proclivities some of which

have been perpetuated through the generations.

Modern science informs us that we inherit DNA

from our parents and they from their parents and

so on. We cannot change this unless we take

drastic steps with surgery, drugs or other medical

intervention.  This fact is then combined with the

rules and structure of the culture, religion,

climate, gender, class, etc. we arrive in. So, it

is easy to see how people become separated

from their true individual natures and their

dreams and sincere urges.

They may live completely sealed into an ego

shell of compromise and insincerity.

We see those around us who have ‘lost’

themselves, lost their true nature. These

foundlings act as if they are slumbering or

intoxicated by life, swept helplessly on

the highs and lows,

buffeted by their luck or misfortune.

They habitually blame others while

over-cherishing their fragile ‘selves.’  As

witnesses we are able to see how their inner

lives are incongruous with their outer lives,

but often we cannot see our own

incongruences.  And that is the challenge:

to know and accept ourselves completely,

our shortcomings and our strengths equally. 

Many people become so adept at wearing a

wardrobe of different masks to cope with each

social situation they must participate in, that

the masks grow into their face and they can

never remove them

Spiritual training can provide the tools to first

detect and then remove those masks for short

intervals. Then gradually, we unmask for a longer

and longer time until we have the confidence to

remove them completely and live our

self-sincerity, our true and unique nature.

Our true nature is our divine inheritance,

but living in huge competitive urban groups

as most of us do means we cover it over,

bury it, forget about it, simply so we can fit in.

So we can get approval from our peers and


So, get a glimpse of your true nature today

and have the courage to live true to it

if only for a few seconds.

Tomorrow is another opportunity.

images courtesy of

header: Heart care

The Vitruvian man (Blueprint version) –


A wooden pose

Twins – Venetian Mask, Italy –

Daily Reflection: the masters

uniqueness 4         

The masters were warm-eyed mammals  

with soft eyes and emotional vulnerabilities

just like us.

They were driven to take strict actions to 

remain in the invisible world.

But it’s not what the Masters did that matters.  

It’s the way they did it. It’s their motivation. 

We need to keep a careful watch on our motivation

in every thought, word and deed.


True happiness lies in having the courage to be honest

 with ourselves and others in all things at all times.



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