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Retreat with Relics

Any ordinary family house in the city suburbs that it is presided over by a Spiritual Master takes on a new quietness, a holy stillness, a synthetic sacredness. It must become an exclusive and open channel for Her or His Holiness.

It is no longer a domestic niche for family and status: door lentils for measuring growth, carpets for wearing out, furniture for rearranging, beds to replace cots or wallpaper to be replaced to match recent trends. And it is not for her or his disciples to put down roots there as was intended, for their roots are already set in the Beloved who resides in paradise. They are pilgrims you see, and their residence, wherever it is, is a tent. They barely graze its structure.

It is not safe now for precious Masters to be outside the crowded tower blocks and urban sprawl. Gone are the days when they could retreat for years into dark caves or dusty desert palaces with their exquisite mosaics and cool inner courtyards. In fact, recently the drought has been so severe that they might combust at any time if they did! It is the Beloved’s will that we respond to his anger expressed in the world with only a deepening of our prayers and a cherishing of our Master here in the broken city.

Sunrise among the cement and glass towers and the spaces between them takes some getting used to after such baked palaces and gädam, shrines.  The Beloved One is testing us more and more radically so that the severity of our environment becomes irrelevant to our devotion to Him.  The storms and hurricanes, the torrential rain and flooding, the fierce forest fires and earthquakes, the drought and air pollution are staged exactly to make us stronger in our trust in Him.

We must retreat from this daily declining world in order to purify and to climb higher and higher to make the perfect union with Him possible.  But after our morning prayers and drawing of the first water before dawn, we cannot resist running to peep round the lace at his His exquisite light pouring between the tower blocks so that it may shine on us and He will notice us.

It was sad when the present cataclysmic conditions of this human world forced us to leave our own desert shrine built around all Almu’s, our Master’s, ancestors’ graves for the last timeThe pilgrim caravan at the height of Ramadan was the perfect test! Ah, how wise our Almu is and how wide open is her channel to The Beloved One.

I must continue forever to vividly see the white minarets and flat roofs of that small community shimmering on the swaying horizon. It was like a beautiful date confectionary carefully wrapped in trembling palm arms above the oasis. This vision is and should always be an important part of my devotions: going back again and again to such miraculous luminous moments in my mind which surely can only be brought about by the King, the absolute perfection of the Beloved One. Such a paradise could only be made possible from His goodness!

The complex procedures and rituals for de-enshrining the relics and ancient treasures took time and the entire dedication of all our small isolated community there.  Then packing them on the camel troop needed expert and ancient desert techniques. But when we were all ready, swathed in our black hijab revealing only our eyes to the sky, then came the real test.  How could we equally swathe our tiny Master, Almu, extract her and lift her inside the tented seat available only to those who are already in a paradise capsule here in this low existence? But she was so strong, bidding a prophet’s farewell to her family and devotees.

‘arak fi aljana!    See you in paradise!’

It would be the last time in this suffering life to see them because of His anger at the proliferation of evil in the world.

Then thanks be to God, we completed the 3-day crossing to the city boundary, eating little except figs and palm nuts and sipping at perfumed leather water flasks after sunset.  We dared not stop, the swaying creatures below us somehow knowing the great significance of their mission.  And we……..well, we moved between the slit-mirages of heaven and earth with a longing to be held in Your strong arms again and again, O Beloved.

Now, there is no more time to spare for these devotions of a lowly mortal! The Master must be fed and I must go on typing her sacred words into letters and scriptures to leave behind to guide all remaining beings to paradise.

Today, I have given instructions for everyone to cover their noses and mouths with white masks even inside our rooms because of the dust driven into the city by violent sandstorms from the east. But this is no real hardship as our mouths are covered anyway, covered for You Beloved. And in these troubled days, the monastic rules are bent exceptionally to allow us to use a little money to buy cheap sunglasses to shield our eyes.  So, we must work even harder to keep His Divine light bright!  Ingenious tests, if we pass them, are surely leading us closer and closer to Heaven.







This is an expert from my latest novel ‘180 Degree Turn’ (working version). 

The story concerns the plight of developed peoples as the Earth rapidly approaches death.  In order to survive, there is no option but to accept the advice of tribal peoples, the original custodians of the Earth. This requires that all inhabitants make a choice to undergo training as custodians of the Earth or to follow their own reality and beliefs in gods and buddhas, in substances and other fictional deities. The whole of humanity must be turned to look inwards instead of outwards, where they will find their True Nature. 180 Degree Turn

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The principle of altruism is ancient, tested by time, irrefutable!

It is about universal trust in unlocking miraculous powers, in standing naked in reality.

Goodness will always prevail over Evil, Love over Hate, Acceptance over Rejection…….

Live altruistically and your mission will come clear, your dreams of peace and eternal truth will snap into place.

The Universe will take care of you if you take care of it!

images courtesy of and Mariko Kinoshita

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The 5th point of Atisha’s 7 Point Mind Training

1. Preliminaries:

a) You are truth

b) Mind is Barrier

c) No-mind is the Door

2. Think that all phenomena are like Dreams

3. Examine the Nature of Unborn Awareness

4. Let the Remedy Itself go free on its own

These are the first 4 points covered in previous daily posts. Let them float into your heart before you approach Point 5 without sticking to them. Remember, this training is to tame the wild elephant of your mind and let your True Nature blossom. You can read the whole of Atisha’s training at



5. Settle in the Nature of Basic Cognition, the essence. Relax. Do nothing.

The method, this method, is necessarily of Mind. Mind is the bridge which we are systematically clearing of intellectual clutter and copies so we can flow out into pure original consciousness, unimpeded.

By letting the method and the remedy just slip from your fingers you begin to settle into your True being. This is your essence. It is potent and magical. It is capable of anything because it knows no limits.

Pure energy cannot be contained: its nature is movement and flow.



There is nothing more to do. Awareness does not need method or remedy. It is exactly what it is, dependent on nothing or no-one. You are safe. Pure energy has no single fear or doubt. Relax into your True Nature.


You embody your essence of love and light, the two indestructibles.

You flow. Nothing or no-one can block that flow once the mind has slipped away. So, flow into your true mission, your true expression in the visible world.

You are art. Beautiful in its own right.


Ethiopian natives 6


Images courtesy of Mariko Kinoshita and

Pure Blue energy Flows –,Pure energy and electricity-; Hans Silvester: Les Tribus de la Vallee de l’Omo youtube


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Soul Management: not priests or nuns!

We don’t need to become robed priests

or wimpled nuns to feel our true nature

and the sacred! We do not need to take vows,

to strap ourselves up with symbols,

and live in a cloister accountable to our superiors.

Our humanity is our creed and

our faith combined. Each breath is an

opportunity to experience it.

Humanity is our robes and regalia,

our bible and vajra.

Our church is ‘understanding’ and listening

to others with full sincerity. It has no walls

or boundaries, and there are no rewards for

good works at any time, except one –

the sheer joy of being fully alive and

awake each moment!

We need no mediators, no clerics or shamans,

to communicate with our own true nature,

and that is the way, that is the divine.

We are the dynamic pulsing way of pure love

and compassion! Religion is only a product of

the dead mind, only a crutch to get us

to walk again. 

So, throw away all paraphernalia and 

walk tall among the holy beings in every

moment of your life.

You are the sacredness of all life.

Soul Management: the art of honesty


Often we consciously do something outwardly in order

to make a change inwardly, as if inside and outside

are separate.

But the most natural process of inner change

or transformation

happens from the inside to the outside,

and there is no separation.

The change radiates from the core to the

outer edges.

In fact, nothing that happens inside

can avoid touching the outside.

If we enforce something from the outside,

there is a good possibility that there will

not be a genuine change inside.

We can see this phenomenon in many walks

of life:

in the natural world, in education,

in relationships,

and especially in religion.

All the traditional religions are dying out

which is indicated by excessive

rituals and doctrine.

The rituals are in general supposedly

performed to bring about inner change,

but it is unsure if this

is real lasting change because it is imposed

and unnatural.

Our honesty with ourselves must surely begin

inside and radiate outwards and this is crucial

in matters of faith.



The great spiritual leaders and thinkers created

something inside before it radiated outwards.

Maybe they adopted magnificent and memorable

poses during their inner revolution,

like Buddha, Jesus or Mahavir,

but there is no doubt that a guru’s greatness,

call it ‘enlightenment’ if you like,

comes from within.

The pose, the external visible sign,

is a product of inner resolution.



The first step to true happiness and fulfillment is

without doubt the courage to be honest with

ourselves above everything.

And this constitutes our creative core also.

If artifacts emanate from our core, they are

an absolute expression of our individual art of


Sincerity may be invisible,

but it permeates throughout the universe

and penetrates deep into the

invisible dimension.



images courtesy of + Mariko Kinoshita – ‘Temple’ 2011.

Heart care –; Dandelion –; Golden Budas –; Germinating seed Macro –

Soul Management: the 3 minds


The sooner you can become a peak in your own right,

the better. The valleys you create can then echo with

your true nature and resonate in response to other

peaks. It is easy to abdicate to others,

to just give up at the goading of the intellectual mind (1)

which simply compares and competes, and so divides;

which asserts with either

‘for’ or ‘against.’

Then the emotional mind (2) feels overwhelmed by

the achievements and ‘talents’ of others and withdraws.

It is self-cherishing and attention-seeking,

given to envy and self-doubt.

But if you close your worldly eyes and listen closely

to the universal mind (3), you are listening to the totality,

to the whole, to the transcendence, to the beyond.

The ‘that’ has no single urge to fight or react or assert

or doubt. It only responds like a valley echo,

and here there are no choices.

So, let your unique peak grow up into the sky,

the resonant valleys around deepening.

You are a Buddha, a god, a Krishna, a Mahavir

in the making.

Your stout roots are the same roots

embracing the crust of the Earth

and our human divinity.



images courtesy of Mariko Kinoshita and


Soul Management: dissolving



The more we dissolve into the unknown, into the invisible,

into the divine, the more unique we become.

Most of us fear oblivion, being tossed aside, overlooked.

But this is only the discontent ego craving and craving,

clawing attention in the visible world.

And ego is the most ordinary thing in the world

because everyone around us is an egoist

and so human societies are mostly dysfunctional.

We can only look to the great spiritual leaders

to see egoless-ness in action: Buddha, Jesus,

Mahavir, Allah – they had dissolved completely and

so were able to epitomize love and compassion.

We may aspire to becoming ’empty,’ ‘nothing,’

like a ‘valley,’ but this only means that we get rid

of the spoiled child of the ego. In this condition,

we are, we purely are,

no longer influenced or contaminated by the transient ego.

So, dissolve into the great still silence for

glorious moments in the day ahead and experience

your uniqueness for yourself.


This is the stuff of human life and happiness.



images courtesy of and Mariko Kinoshita.


Soul Management: in tune with the Universe


Sound particles are the basis of the Universe.

They do not require any human physical effort

because we are gross matter and

sound is subtle matter.

But your spirit, your unique energy, can.

At first, you can make the sound of the

omnipotent universe with your lips

and vocal cords –  “Aum” or “Om.”

But then you can simply make the sound

with your mind within yourself and be

in tune with the Universe because you have

activated your subtle energy.

Eventually, you can stop ‘making’ the sound

and just let it echo,

just allow it to flow.

Then there is no barrier and

so no separation. This is reality.

‘I’ is irrelevant when you are in tune

with the universe, when you are the

ultimate sound, the divine!

And if there is no “I,”

there is no suffering, no fear,

and you have no desires.

This is your key to all things mystical:

the key to your mission in the visible world.







images courtesy of megapixyl:

Heart Care –;3D illuminated digital signal;Sci-Fi Vector Illustration –

people inspiration

Soul Management: echo

If we listen from the heart with our whole being,

putting aside the intellectual view and

emotions which make us separate

from what we are listening to,

we have a chance to become

one with the universe;

a few moments for the ‘self’

and all interferences to vanish.

This is a chance to go home to the

still silence of our divine origins. 

We may be moved to use words

to respond to what we can hear,

or to try to share our experience of

amalgamation in the whole.

Words are only indicators,

like a finger pointing at the moon,

but we can respond to what we hear

like a valley responds with echoes

to a human cry, or an iceberg

to a whisper through its gaps.

We can echo our experience without either

judgement or preference,

without influencing or disturbing anyone

like a humming bird quietly taking

the pollen it needs from an orchid.

Such oneness is our true nature.

images courtesy of Heart care; Arctic Fox -; Iceberg -; Small Volcano Hummingbird

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