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consider the millions of human souls who have been distracted from their own True Nature by the beautiful words of philosophers and spiritual leaders


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imagine the myriad unique spirits which have been hypnotized to follow others instead of following themselves


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wonder what today’s world would be like if we had gathered enough courage to idolize ourselves as agents for human good and the acceleration of our evolution 


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bring to mind all the energy we old humans lavish on relatively young imaginary beings when our own DNA as mammals is two hundred million years old and authentic


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realize how you have allowed yourself to be so deeply hypnotized by the words of other ‘gods’ that you have entirely given up your chance of completing your own evolution and remain a complaining retarded child 




     But it’s never too late to pick up where you left off before the pendulum was swung! 


Start today to water your own seed with anything but words so that you can become the radiant playful new human so desperately needed in this time of synthetic tragedy!




                   Images courtesy of Linden Thorp
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I lived briefly with a tribe of Australian native people 11 hours by land cruiser south of Ayer’s Rock. Our group went to help them to move deeper into the scorching interior of Australia in order to return to ‘traditional desert life.’ Their tribal leader, Ninija, had decided that the aging and young of her people should return to their ‘Lands,’ turning away completely from white-fella comforts and handouts.

During this adventure, my view of human life completely changed.

The settlement we left consisted of primitive prefabricated housing and an airstrip. But not one member of the tribe lived inside the housing. Instead, they used it as a dumping ground for the heaps of material goods donated to them from white-fella do-gooders.

White Australians have always wanted to ‘civilize’ these desert people, to make them respectable, slaves to their average urban lives.



There is no such thing as a ‘gift’ to the desert dwellers and not one of the variety of items they receive is useful to their desert life: nylon dresses, leather shoes, plastic toys, kitchen equipment, tools made of metal. They accept them and then quickly let them pass through their fingers. They are soon added to the tall heaps of detritus inside their ‘unsuitable’ housing.

The day we left the settlement in our land cruisers loaded with prefabricated shade shelters to erect as the tribe walked in temperatures that most humans could never survive, Ninija and her people walked naked and barefoot. They carried nothing except their few custom-made possessions to negotiate the harsh Lands and climate:

Dilly bags woven from Mangrove string to carry their totemic badges of ‘Emu’ ‘Wombat’ Paper Tree,’ and so on; Wood and Grass carrying bowls (coolamon) sported on their heads, shoulders or against their bellies; custom-made digging sticks slung across their backs from ornate Kangaroo straps; beautifully crafted boomerangs for hunting; and perfectly cylindrical Hollow Log coffins containing the precious bones of their deceased.



As they slowly walked, the sheen of their black skins caught the strong sunlight and their blond and red topknots of wild hair blended in with the iron-rich ochre of the desert floor. They were joined occasionally by competing kangaroos on one side, and a massive flock of high Emus, great scratching Bird of the Lands, on the other.

They were walking away from ‘civilization,’ – known to them as ‘The Lands of Frowns and Fears,’ away from ‘safety.’ They had neither compass nor water flask. Walking away from health care and education; away from the culture of ‘the thinking’ stuffed with words and ideas.

Our ‘modern’ mobilized team followed them at some distance, kitted out in snake boots, fly-nets, clinging to our ‘possessions’ stashed away in brightly coloured waterproof rucksacks and pouches. We were highly protected by metal and glass, and cooled by powerful air-conditioning.



I have learned from these genuine custodians of the Earth, that a desireless state is a truly pure and happy state. It is ‘now’ and ‘here.’ Whereas, the future is a mirage and the past is dead.

I have learned that time itself does not move because it is only a crude device, another delusion; instead, the only movement is of our minds.

When our desires are frustrated, all of our negative emotions are generated because we cannot get our way. In complete contrast, not having any single desire is contentment, no craving, no worries or attachments. Naked and without possessions, we too can blend into the many natural realities of the universe.




All desires are a mirage or like the horizon: we can never reach them because they are imaginary, a hallucination, delusional. And yet, we persist in running after such pots of gold from the desire to possess them, to drag them like magpies do into our nests. In the end, the objects become our status, our identity, our values.



dreaming legends


A state without desires is purity itself. If we allow all desires to ebb away then we do not need to reach out to gods and deities for benefits or protections. We have all the resources we need to find absolute happiness and balance.

If we clear the bridge of the mind of such clutter, then we can walk straight out in the vast field of consciousness and awareness. There we can embody the divine, our original state.

Without worldly desires and clutter, we naturally embody the divine. This is our true human mission.





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The story of Ninija and my adventures has been written as a novel called ‘Easy-Happy-Sexy: on the Twelfth Day.’ If you want to read more about ‘desirelessness, and the ‘true custodians of Planet Earth’ please visit:


or watch the video trailer at:


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We are conditioned to think and feel that what is inside our human form is different from what is outside. That we have little control over our inside and so seek control outside where we can see and be seen, and act and acted upon visibly.
In developed cultures, we live inside sheltering, being contaminated by the poison of walls and roofs. We only venture outside when it is convenient or we are obliged to, and we consider the inside of our shelter to be a womb to retreat to, to be separate in.

But we are spiritual entities, pure energy, and so it not our natural state to be contained in this way. Our energy is a unique component of the universe with a particular mission but we have mostly become separated from it, living in fear behind masks and the influence of strong delusions and indoctrination of a synthetic reality.
The truth is that what happens outside, happens inside. The inside exists only in relation to the outside. If there is inner revolution it is reflected outside. If there is inner numbness it is reflected outside. As above, so below.  
Existence is a massive mirror reflecting and resonating eternally. There are actually no choices about seeing or being seen. There are no time limits. There are only delusions unless we surrender to our True Nature.

In the visible world, the only thing which appears to separate our inside from our outside, is the organ of the skin. This thin porous membrane is the only division and even this has uncountable pores through which moisture is absorbed and expelled. 
We are not separate in any way from the natural world or the Universe, from the visible or the invisible, nor from birth or death. 

We are One not Two.

images courtesy of and Mariko Kinoshita

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Touch Your Heart Daily Meditation: Soul Management



The masters were warm-eyed mammals

with soft eyes and emotional vulnerabilities

just like us.

But they were driven to take strict actions to

straddle both the invisible and visible worlds.

In the end, it’s not what superhuman feats the Masters

succeeded in that matters.

It’s the way they did it. It’s their motivation.

We need to keep a careful watch on our motivation

in every thought, word and deed.

True happiness lies in having the courage to be honest

with ourselves and others in all things at all times.


Touch Your heart Daily Meditation: Soul Management

Listen to life around you during the day without any effort.

Don’t strain to process, to make meaning or inferences of what you hear.

Conscious effort creates an ego block to pure sounds

Remember! The divine will find you if your ego dissolves, 

and not the reverse.

So, stay still and quiet, 

and let all struggles and strivings dissolve away. 

Just be your already perfect and divine self.

No clinging


Hindu deities are fahioned out of mud

exactly so that there is no danger of them

or the spirits behind them becoming permanent.


TIbetan Buddhists make sublime mandalas

out of oloured sand outdoors

abandoning them to the weather

when they are complete.


Japanese monks copy scriptures and prayers on to

wooden sticks and burn

or bury them to welcome future Buddhas

millions of years in the future.


Indigenous people place thier dead on high platforms 

in the upper limbs of trees so that

weather and creatures can clean

the flesh from their bones.

one heart

There is no clinging or fear in these ancient acts.

There is nothing to be saved or stored away.

Make every moment sacred



We each have a unique view of the world we navigate,
but because we are besieged by the secular and
satisfying our senses,
by getting our own way and
hoarding images and information,
we fail to see that our view is not reality but only
a comprehensive library and complete archives.


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A beautiful flower may appear in our visual field
perfect in every way.
We immediately want to possess it,
photograph it,
to devour its flawless beauty,
to analyze its constituents, history, significance. 
We ‘see’ it through all our filters
without noticing that its beauty is
beyond interpretation, is not for sale or consumption,
is fluid and floating just like us.



If we put away all the separating reactions to flower
and realise that it is a reflection of something in us,
something deep in our divine nature,
an image of our indestructible sacredness………
If we wake to the truth that this flower is not separate
from us and that we can embody it,
connect to its concrete energy,
listen in to it like our favourite music………
Energy manifests where it is needed and we need so much to
truly ‘see’ this flower in its own right beyond……
to know the sacred once more.









What kind of voice will you have today?


echoes 3







The sounds humans utter are jewels,

fragments of our unique diamonds

which we vibrate through the air,

so we must use them so carefully.

Sound is concrete, beyond interpretation!

Close your eyes to the world of visual ephemera

which only lasts momentarily,

and open the ears of your soul

to the world of sound which is eternal.

Then, you will feel the shell of your body tremoring in

unison with the vibrations of goodness and pure light.

This is your true nature. This is your true nature.

The waves of the high soprano touch us unceasingly.

The singing bell awakens every cell.

The energy of the land is a bass hum on and on.

But the sound of the great silence is

the most sublime of all.

Listen beyond and beyond, and

use your jewels wisely until you sleep in

such a silence with the moon.


The enigmatic process of life


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We know our human lives are a process, a means whereby,  
and yet we yearn to know the result, the end-product.  
We are certain that this process began with the moment of birth
and it will end with the moment of death.  
Between these two points, our physical form develops and matures,
and then as its season draws to a close,
it starts to shrink and slow.  
What is the use of this flower life we ask?
“We,” our spirits or energy, are temporarily housed
in a flesh form specifically to participate
in the visual material world which is subject
to varied and numerous conditions.
It is logical then that the conditioned mind expects
a harvest from the progress through the years
of our life’s growth.
Religions use certain terms for this end-product
– Heaven or Hell, Nirvana or Emptiness, Enlightenment,
Paradise, Zion, Avalon, Swarga, Valhalla, and so on.  
But words and images die the moment they appear
or are uttered or thought.  
‘Birth’ and ‘Death’ are also only words,
but we identify or attach ourselves with and to them
– “my birth,” “his death,” and so on.
We do not realise that once uttered or thought,
such phrases are dead, in the past,
dropped like a heavy stone into a deep pool,
The truth is “we” have always flowed in the
vast wide river of all energy and we always will
without using special labels or grand proper nouns. 
Energy is vibration and light subject to no single condition,
not even human’s facile notions of “time” or “space.”
It goes where it will dependent on nothing,
consuming the darkness without diminishing,
flowing and flowing.  
There are absolutely no rewards or results in any dimension
except for the joy of being and loving with company
in our human boats,
breathing with them in concert.
The conditions we become fixed on and often afflicted by
throw up obstacles in the way of our flow creating detours,
sluggish pools, eddies and rapids.  
The build up of the heat of negative emotions and violence
acted out in the world of form causes drought and quickly
the wide flow dwindles to a trickle or floods to extinguish its divine flame.
Can you refrain from throwing obstacles into the sweeping flow of
human energy now and here – today,
as each of these words drops from my hands into the pool of extinction? 
Can you give up your addiction to collecting, to hoarding,
to getting and spending,
to violent acts of separation from your fellows now and here?
Can you say you will no longer be dependent on creating
parallel worlds in your mind with worthless words and images
so that you can just flow and flow, laughing and loving?
Slap bang in the centre of this moment and in no place in particular,
can you accept that there is nothing you have to do except be
and in your full being the flow will flow without
any beginning or ending.

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