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Soul Management: goodness




Materials, possessions, appropriations,

membership, rivals, ambition, boundaries,

nationalisms, differences………….

These are ulterior motives, ulterior agendas.

They are the bywords of life in the world of

form which are repeated internally,

consciously or allowed to drone away

in the unconscious. They are built into our

conditioning and education

but they are a fabrication,

a conspiratorial dream we are forced

to participate in if we want to find human success,

respect and approval from our social witnesses.



700 years ago a small group of Christian

mystics moved around Europe defying

the dominant Church of Rome and living

out the opposites of these bywords

in their lives. They had no church,

no fabric to ostentatiously display

their faith or liturgies with. Instead,

they found secluded meeting places

in mountain passes and forests to

listen to those where were ready

to receive their final blessings.

They had no possessions,

needing little to live simply,

and their only byword was ‘understanding.’

They served others tirelessly and silently

with unconditional love and compassion

as they worked behind the scenes of the

greatest religious dictatorship of all time.

They epitomized goodness and healing

in every breath and so were known as

the Good People, Les Bonnes,’ and

the Perfect, ‘Les Parfaits.’


Goodness in human form feels no shame or fear.

It is the eternal witness in the fusion of the

visible and the invisible.

The Good believed that as humans are the world

and the way, they will change themselves.

And we can and must!

By living according to our true nature,

always honest with ourselves and all others.



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Heart Care –; Man vs Nature: Compassion –; Pyrenees –; Statue of Mourning Woman –


Soul Management: you are a candle


You are a living breathing candle.

Your flame burns brightly at one moment

then gutters and threatens to go out

at the next.

But the potential for your light is eternal

thanks to the kindness of the universe.

Even if you allow your flame to go out,

you can light it again, if you choose to.

If your heart is open and you believe

deeply in yourself, your flame will get brighter

and brighter so that you can illuminate

the darkness to give light to others.

Your light will show them the truth of

their divine origins of light.

The body of a candle burns away,

giving of itself,

while illuminating the great truth in the world.

This is your true mission:

to make your own individual flame as bright

as can be, for the sake of the universe

and all its life.

Your particular candle can bring a

unique energy into the universe

which is essential to perfect and balance it.

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Heart care –; Reflections –; Science fiction landscape –; and artwork by Mariko Kinoshita

Soul Management: Blueprint

Each human being makes their own unique view

of the world according to their own energy and

environment.  Add to this our inheritance from

ancestors combined with earlier versions of culture

and evolution in which they lived and we have

a blueprint we are born into human life with.  

We are born into a family with a history and a

certain energy or set of proclivities some of which

have been perpetuated through the generations.

Modern science informs us that we inherit DNA

from our parents and they from their parents and

so on. We cannot change this unless we take

drastic steps with surgery, drugs or other medical

intervention.  This fact is then combined with the

rules and structure of the culture, religion,

climate, gender, class, etc. we arrive in. So, it

is easy to see how people become separated

from their true individual natures and their

dreams and sincere urges.

They may live completely sealed into an ego

shell of compromise and insincerity.

We see those around us who have ‘lost’

themselves, lost their true nature. These

foundlings act as if they are slumbering or

intoxicated by life, swept helplessly on

the highs and lows,

buffeted by their luck or misfortune.

They habitually blame others while

over-cherishing their fragile ‘selves.’  As

witnesses we are able to see how their inner

lives are incongruous with their outer lives,

but often we cannot see our own

incongruences.  And that is the challenge:

to know and accept ourselves completely,

our shortcomings and our strengths equally. 

Many people become so adept at wearing a

wardrobe of different masks to cope with each

social situation they must participate in, that

the masks grow into their face and they can

never remove them

Spiritual training can provide the tools to first

detect and then remove those masks for short

intervals. Then gradually, we unmask for a longer

and longer time until we have the confidence to

remove them completely and live our

self-sincerity, our true and unique nature.

Our true nature is our divine inheritance,

but living in huge competitive urban groups

as most of us do means we cover it over,

bury it, forget about it, simply so we can fit in.

So we can get approval from our peers and


So, get a glimpse of your true nature today

and have the courage to live true to it

if only for a few seconds.

Tomorrow is another opportunity.

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The Vitruvian man (Blueprint version) –


A wooden pose

Twins – Venetian Mask, Italy –

Daily Meditation: ulterior motives

humanityDuring the day ahead, stay mindful, watching your mind carefully, calmly.

Realize that your thoughts are momentary, like a leaf tossed on a fast-flowing mountain stream. They are nothing to do with your shape and formdivine energy.

So, just witness them as you would a worldly event, a transaction, a gesture. These are just form and shape which characterize human life.

Then act, motivated by sheer kindness and concern for the well-being and happiness of others, propelled by your divine energy beneathhappiness for others the surface. Bringing happiness to others is the key to your true happiness and inner peace. Acting from a sincere heart, regardless of form or shape, will engage you with your true nature, and that will encourage the true nature of others to be revealed.

So, today, examine the motive behind everything you think and do. You are the fleshy manifestation of love and purity, so let nothing else stand in your way.


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